Alresford Historical & Literary Society Founded 1966

  No. 1 1976                                                                                                    

   1. On finding the Liberty of Alresford - Freda Kelsall                                           

   2. Ten years before the Railway - Digby Grist                                                      

   3. Inns of Alresford - Isabel Sanderson                                                              

   4. World farming leans on Alresford - Brian Gush         


  No. 2 1977

   5. Jubilee comes to Alresford Freda Kelsall                                                                                   

   6. Blacksmiths of the District - Past and Present Donald Soley                                                                      

   7. HMS Alresford 1919 - 1947 John Adams                                                                                          

   8. Our Watercress Industry - Edward Roberts                                                                                       

       A Tribute to Isabel Sanderson  

      The Visitors Ursula Oxley  

      Lost Cobble Stones Ursula Oxley  

      Fiesta for Ducks Ursula Oxley  

      By the Weir Field  Ursula Oxley  


  No. 3 1978

    9. Alresford's Famous Cricketers - John Arlott                                                                                       

   10. Broad Street Pleasure Fair - Working Party                                                                                 

   11. Two Centuries of going to school. - Working Party                                                                               

   12. Fishing on the Arle - Jack Orr                                                                                                     


Alresford Displayed

The predecessor of Alresford Articles, Alresford Displayed was a publication  produced by local people for local people.  Isuue No. 1 was published in 1976 and the  last issue was No. 22 in 1997. All the contributions  were the Copyright of the authors, which  is acknowledged. As we understand it these  articles were given freely by the authors  and I have assumed, therefore, that there  would be no objection to them being reproduced,  for no financial gain, on this web site.  If, however, any person who owns the copyright  has an objection to them being reproduced  here we would be pleased if they will contact  us.

The articles are reproduced complete with the 'typos' and spelling mistakes of the originals and we can take no responsibility  for the accuracy of the content. Just press the hyperlink and enjoy.ihe pdf file.

Index of Articles

No. 4 1979

 13. Our Antique Soke - Patrick O'Donovan

 14. 1552 Survey Explained - Working Party

 15. Travellers through Alresford - John Adams

 16. Last 30 years of Perin's Grammer School - Sidney                                                                          Pullinger


No. 5 1980

17. Alresford Pigs - Hampshire Hogs - Neville Wade

18. Alresford's Railway - John Adams

 19. Lost Inns of Alresford. - Digby Grist   

 20. Perin's Resurgent - Sidney Pullinger  


No. 6 1981

21. Alresford's Hurdle House - Raymond Elliot  

 22. Export Industries of Alresford. - Jack Orr  

 23. Bricquebec - Alresford's French Connection - Graham                                                                                    Brown

 24. Old Alresford Church - Vincent Pemberton   

 25. Alresford 100 years ago. - Digby Grist